Need a creativity coach? I can help you overcome what is blocking you from succeeding

Creativity coaching is a fun, effective process for breaking down resistance we all face when moving forward on a project, an idea, a diet, or business plan. Creativity coaching is one method for tapping into your potential.

If you hire me as your creativity coach, we will work together with non-judgmental tools through fears, procrastination, perfectionism, low self-confidence, self-sabotage, negative self-talk, or perceived lack of time.

Through my creativity coaching training, I have learned tools useful with my own creative projects, as well as helpful with my writing business and with my three kids.

Artistic, creative, wellness or corporate projects can benefit from the non-linear approach of creativity.

Creativity coaching helps remind us that, when starting a new project it is okay to be a beginner and to find joy during the process.


Need a writing coach?

I am a skilled, intuitive coach who can help bring out the best in your writing. I can also help you move through blocks you may be experiencing.


I offer sessions as a bundle of four 30- to 45- minute phone sessions.

Any client who signs up will receive a free session after payment is received for a four session package. Also, for each paid four-package sessions, I will contribute $10 to, which assists entrepreneurs throughout the globe.

What do you want to work on today? Contact me and let’s get started!